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The Art Of Health
Personal Mastery Package
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This is your personalized roadmap to better health that will allow you to quickly and efficiently upgrade your mood, energy, and focus so you can crush it at whatever it is you love to do. 

When you sign up today, here is everything you get access to...

Nutrition Genetics - Know what to eat to and what not to.

You'll get a customized report that gives you detailed information about how your genes influence the following aspects of your optimal food intake:

Hunger - Satiety - Insulin Resistance - Gluten Risk - Dairy Sensitivity - Grain Sensitivity - Sweet Perception - Snacking Drive - Sugar Addiction - Carbohydrates - Fiber - Total Fats - Saturated Fats - Polyunsaturated Fats - Omega-3 Fats - Monounsaturated Fats - Protein - Resting Metabolic Rate

Empower yourself with the information you need to truly put the right things in your body in order to create effortless positive feedback loops so you can show up for life with the energy you want to.  

Supplementation Genetics
Learn What Vitamins You Need More or Less Of

Have you ever stood there staring at the supplement aisle wondering "what's actually good for me?" Learn how your body absorbs, processes, and handles the following nutrients: 

Caffeine - Vitamin B12 - Vitamin B6 - Vitamin A - Selenium - Magnesium - Choline - Vitamin C - Vitamin E - VItamin D - VItamin K - Folate - Nitric Oxide -Thiamine - Iron - Copper - Zinc - Sodium  

This way you can incorporate specific targeted foods into your diet and make informed decisions about what foods to focus on or supplements to use or avoid so you can keep yourself on-point for years to come.

Sleep Genetics - Your Roadmap To Restful Sleep 

Great sleep is a foundation you need to truly thrive. It's the expoential multiplier than makes everything else work that much better.  Learn how your genes effect the following areas:

Circadian Propensity and Chronotype - Sleep Onset - Sleep Duration - Sleep Quality and Disruption - Melatonin - Narcolepsy Risk - Restless Leg 

If you're a night owl or just want to feel refreshed in the morning, your genes can guide you towards bouncing out of bed with the energy you need to maximize your potential and ability to crush it on the daily.

Detoxification Genetics - How to Boost Your Body's Defenses

Tired of the same old one-size-all "cleanses"? Get to the bottom of how your body handles specific substances and learn how to actually boost your detoxification with specific nutrients, herbs, and techniques. You'll learn about how to optimize:

Detoxification of Estrogens - Medications - Acetominophen - NSAIDS - Anesthetics - Pollution - Methylation - Acetylation - Glutathione - Mitochondria - Mold Sensitivity - Lyme Disease - Envirotoxins and Pollution - Histamine Sensitivity - Mercury 

And, you'll learn how to biohack and boost your cellular repair systems to lower inflammation and improve mitochondrial function to precisely match your unique genetic makeup. 

Exercise Genetics  
Maximize Your Results 
With Less Effort

Understanding how your body is wired can help you get the most out of your exercise routine. Learn about your predispositions to:

VO2 Max - Muscle Fatiguability - Recovery From Exercise - Strength and Hypertrophy - Power vs Endurance - Injury Propensity - Weight Loss 

Having your personalized blueprint to your body can help you maximize your results and boost your full-systems path to epigenetic wellness. 
You'll also get...
  • An Apeiron Genetic Test Kit - A simple cheek swab test you can do at home (takes about 2 minutes). 100% privacy secure. You own your data. Nearly double the raw data of 23andMe. 2-3 Week Turnaround Time.
  • 2 Hour Review Session  - Making sure you understand ALL the information is important to your success. We'll do a one-on-one review session to give you clarity on your information as we turn it into easy-to-follow steps, giving your body the signals it needs to thrive. 
Act Now & Get These Bonuses
Bonus #1 Brainwave Entrainment Suite

You'll get the full range of brainwave entrainment audio programs I developed with Dr. Mickra Hamilton (US Air Force Peak Performance Expert and Audiologist).

These are specially designed science-based pieces of music with specific frequencies embedded in them to produce the following effects: Focus, Relaxation, Deep Meditative/Altered States, and Sleep induction. 
Bonus #2 Endocannabinoid Genetics

Want to better understand the way you respond to cannabis or the way your endocannabinoid system is wired?

You'll learn about your:

THC and CBD metabolism - Endocannabinoid Levels  - Effect of Cannabis on Memory - Subjective Response to Cannabis - Risk for Adverse Affects  - Whether or not to use high THC strains

I've worked with Dr. Dan Stickler, Medical Director at Neurohacker Collective, to design this test specifically to include cannabis-related genes you can't get through 23andMe. Whether you use cannabis for pleasure, wellness, or both this is vital information to have. 
Bonus #3 30 Minute Coaching Session

I want to see you succeed. So, I'm giving you a free 30 minute bonus coaching session 1 month after we do the genetic interpretation session.

That way, you can continue to refine your process, ask any questions you have, and get on-going guidance on how to maximize your personalized genetic information and optimize your genetic expression for better mood, focus, and energy.  
Bonus #4 Free activation of Iris Pro Blue Blocking Software

You'll receive a custom coupon code created exclusively for my clients so you can reduce blue light on your devices with the best software out there. That way you can work for longer with less fatigue, more results, with an optimized circadian rhythm. 
Bonus #5 Access to Discounted Lab Testing

Want to go deep and track how you're body is responding to a genetically matched diet and lifestyle?

As an Apeiron Certified Coach, I'm partnered with Ulta Labs and can help you track and refine your process at prices below what you'd find online.

That way you can save money while targeting the most efficient ways to improve your body's function for better flow with less effort and more productivity.  
Bonus #6 Free Nootropics Course By Dr. Stickler

Want to take the next steps to cognitive enhancement and radical performance upgrades? Learn directly about what's out there from the Medical Director at Neurohacker Collective so you can experiment in a safe and informed way. 

Nootropics are the "secret sauce" used by high performers to really kick things into high gear get more done with greater ease and focus. There's a variety of options to choose from and you'll learn all the ins and outs in this 39 video Apeiron Academy series on Zenler. 
Bonus #7 The Non-Tinfoil Hat Guide To EMFs

Get the real deal scoop on what you need to know to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation. You'll get a physical copy of the book so you can take the steps you need to mitigate your environment in the quickest, most straight forward way possible.

I've read a lot of material on the topic, and this one is by far the most actionable, science-based, and well put together books out there.  
Bonus #8 CBD From Medicinal Dreams 

In addition to the free offering for attending the Masterclass, get an extra bottle of super high quality CBD isolate tincture from Colorado based producer Medicinal Dreams. 
You're Backed By a 100% Information Quality Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with the quality of information you receive, I'll refund your money within 30 days of our genetic review session.

I'm serious. If you simply don't get anything out of the information during our session together and you don't learn anything new about yourself, I'll gladly give you your money back. 

I'm so confident this information has the capacity to change your life, I'm willing to refund your full investment if you don't learn anything useful from it. 

Sound good?

"An Amazing Ability"
I have had the pleasure of working with David for the past several years and observe his skills in lifestyle and performance coaching. He demonstrates an amazing ability to integrate the full systems based approach to human health with the integration of genetics and epigenetics to create outstanding outcomes in his clients. 

Some coaches possess great knowledge and others possess great skills to see outcomes, few have mastered both. 

David is a coach that has both.
Daniel Stickler, M.D. 
Co-Founder of Apeiron

Medical Director At Neurohacker Collective
"Gave Me a Sense Of Empowerment"
David Krantz utilizes the most up-to-date genetic information and technologies to assist his clients in making health individually relevant. 

Using his services, I was enlightened on the specific genetic “software" that made me tick. Some foods and lifestyle choices widely regarded as “healthy” were actually counter-productive to my genetic make-up. His advice helped me feel better, lose weight, and most of all, gave me a sense of empowerment over my health. 
Jason Hubert
Lighting Tech For Film/TV
"I'm grateful for what David has been able to shed light on."
David’s epigenetic coaching was a wonderful experience that gave specific information about what I should be involving in my diet as well as many things I should be taking a step back from.

From his coaching I was able to form a nutritional plan that was specific to my genetics. Since this experience I have slowly integrated this advice into my daily routine and diet and have felt wonderful. 

I am excited to continue this journey with my body, and I am grateful for what David has been able to shed light on. 

Cody Klein
Carpenter and Entrepreneur
"Early Adopter
and Thought Leader"
David Krantz is an early adopter and thought leader in the new and exciting field of Human Performance Epigenetics. He is a foundational member of Aperion’s team. 

Dr. Mickra Hamilton
Co-Founder of Apeiron
US Air Force Reserves
Peak Performance Specialist
"More energy than I've had in years"
"I contacted David after a friend told me how much she got out out of his coaching services. I'm amazed at the levels of detail David was able to get out of my genes. 

This is the first diet I've ever been able to stick to for longer than a few weeks, and I've got more energy than I've had in years."
Rachel Z
Software Engineer
"Enlightening & Enjoyable"
My nutritional genetic read with David Krantz revealed two notable things: That I was mostly on the right track with how I was eating. But also, that there were some key things to tweak about the food I was consuming in order to find my optimal diet. 

Specifically, I wanted to make sure it was safe for me to eat high amounts of saturated fat on a ketogenic diet. I found out that I had some of the risk markers for inflammation with high saturated fat intake but that I could do a ketogenic diet safely with a higher percentage of monounsaturated fat.

Our time together was both enlightening and enjoyable. David has a real knack for using humor to break down complex information so that it’s easily digestible (pun intended). He’s a fantastic and relatable coach, and I highly recommend him! "
Julia Albertson
Yoga Teacher
"I'd Recommend This to Just About Anyone"
"David helped me get to the bottom of why I wasn't losing weight. 

I never would have known how to improve my detoxification system and eat the right kinds of fats for my body. I'd recommend this to just about anyone."
John Reynolds
Technical Writer
"Fresh, New Scientific Approaches"
"As an herbalist I appreciated not only hearing what dietary and supplemental adjustments could result in health optimization, but what herbs and natural remedies that could be used as well. 

I walked away with some fresh, new scientific approaches to take towards the goal of understanding the self. Thanks David!"
Gus Rushing
Herbalist and Musician
"Big Picture Impact"
"You did a great job explaining the role of specific SNPs and genes and their big picture impact on human metabolism and function in the body. This type of epigenetic counseling is groundbreaking!"
Amanda L
Cellular Biologist
"Positively Shifted my Health"
"David is an amazing coach. In the time that I have been working with him I have positively shifted my health, energy level, and outlook on life.

My mom and sister are both now working with him too and I would highly recommend booking a consultation with him now."

Mario Cuelo
"A Wealth of Information"
Last year I got a genetic read and coaching from David and it's something that I use in informing my choices to this day, and will continue to call upon. David provided a wealth of information, the density of which I found extremely valuable; simultaneously, he made the information digestible in a way that made it applicable, versus overwhelming.

As a personal trainer and athlete, my health optimization is of high interest to me. David delivered insights that have informed the way I operate on a daily basis, as well as how I step back to review the "big picture" of my lifestyle, habits, routine, and choices.

David's ability to present important information in a way that is personalized to and useful for an individual is a service I would recommend to anyone interested in increasing their quality of life. 

I look forward to continuing to work with David and learning how I can continue excelling in my professional field and personal life with his support. 
Taylor Pearon
Movement Artist
Personal Trainer
"I Saw the Results Immediately"
You know I used to think that I had a limited amount of energy for the day. 

But then I began to learn that as long as I followed the diet, as long as I had enough sleep, it was almost as if the more active I was, the more energy I would have. And I could just continue and I could work for longer.

Once, I began to apply the information I saw the results immediately. 

Bailey B
Musician and Audio Engineer
"I Just Feel so Empowered by this Information."
I feel so empowered right now. This is just really cool experiment and process for someone to go through to just really KNOW.

I think its all a perspective thing. I just feel so empowered by this information. I think its fucking great. 

Jo Nuding
Podcast Host
Cannabis Entrepreneur
"My Mood is Fantastic"
I'm doing great health wise. My mood is fantastic, energy is good. I'm sleep well. Everything seems to be working."
Jamie G
Electronic Musician
Business Owner
"Very Impressed"
I am very impressed by the personalized lifestyle coaching provided by David Krantz and Apeiron. We started by assessing my lifestyle: daily nutrition, fitness, work/life balance, etc. We then factored in my personal genetic report; and David was able to provide highly actionable, and relevant, lifestyle recommendations. Through trial and error, we were able to validate the most effective recommendations, which are still part of my daily routine almost 1yr later. I would recommend David’s genetic testing and lifestyle coaching to any individual seeking to understand themselves at a more granular, biological level, and especially if they've previously used a genetic testing service such as 23andMe.”
Brandon Cohen 
Logistics Manager
"Truly a New Science and Art"
“Its such a fascinating new topic. Its really exciting to see these new developments that make it easier for people to get a better understanding of their own biology. It’s truly a new science and art.” 
Brandon Beachum
"Positive Head" Podcast Host
"Until I Knew What My Genetic Profile Was, It Was Just a Shot in the Dark."
It opened some awareness to me of some things that I hadn’t really found out through normal avenues of my research. 

And I think alot of it was until I knew what my genetic profile was, it was just a shot in the dark. So, having that information helped me to feel that what was suggested to me as far as nutrients and certain protocols I knew were more customized and designed for me

Tim T
Business Consultant
Yes, I'm In!
By signing up right now, I understand I'm getting access to this package at the lowest price this has ever been at. 

In addition to be being backed and protected by a 30 day money back guarantee, I will also get the full 5 panel genetic review, Apeiron Genetic Test Kit, 2 Hour Review Session and all the Bonuses including the Endocannabinoid Panel. 

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P.S. I know some of this might sound kind of hypey, but this is the same information that Dr. Stickler uses with millionaires, CEOs, and athletes. I'm personally more interested in making sure this information ends up in the hands of my friends and smart people that really need it and I'm really excited to be able to offer it to you at this price. I've seen the results in myself and countless clients and can say with confidence you'll be glad you did it too. 
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